What does the Amyloidosis center at OUH offer?

The Amyloidosis Center in Odense offers quick, coordinated diagnosis for patients with suspected amyloidosis. Multiple medical specialties are part of a direct multidisciplinary collaboration regarding each patient. All participating doctors are specialists with great interest in and experience with amyloidosis.

The most advanced techniques are used for exact characterization of demonstrated amyloid. Both electron microscopic and mass spectrometric examinations are used for determination of the accumulated protein. The accumulationes are cut into biopsy material, using a laser, cleaned and analysed at the molecular level.

Thorough assessment for involved organs. A thorough assesment is always performed with regards to heart involvement. Several techniques have been establisehd for examination hereof, using scans.

Genetic diagnosis is performed quickly when relevant.

Multidisciplinary treatment, carefully targeted to each patient. Close follow-up of the effect of the treatment and careful adjustment of supporting treatment.

Multidisciplinary day clinic with ample time for review of each patient’s issues and needs.

Good possibilities for participating in new experimental treatments, if good standard treatment has not been established.

AmyC OUH participates in international research collaborations and will therefore always be up-to-date on the newest knowledge about the illness and on treatment options.